VEGA Ventures is an investment firm focused exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets.


Vega Ventures was founded in 2020, an up and down year for crypto industry. As a venture capital fund dedicated to investing in crypto, the members of Vega Ventures have went through the last cycle of bull and bear market. With decades of experience in traditional finance and blockchain investment, well versed in the rules of the industry, the team have developed a complete set of investment philosophy and methodology.

The term “Vega” is called by astronomers as "undoubtedly the second most important star in the sky, after the Sun", and we hope that Vega Ventures will also become an essential star in the metaverse.

Vega Ventures will keep an open mind, seek certainty in investment, focus on the "dynamic value" of crypto projects, form a product matrix with structural thinking, invest after a deep understanding of the projects, and empower and extend the invested projects to enhance certainty.

Vega Ventures will continue to focus on public chains and related infrastructure, DeFi protocols, open platforms, NFT, Gamefi, DAO, Web3.0, Metaverse and other fields to catch up the elements and timing of industry change in a quick and accurate way. In the mean time, we will keep our eyes on structural competitive advantages and hold cautiously but resolutely for the long term to capture excess returns of the market.



Majored in Financial and has experienced two bull and bear cycles in the market, managed more than 100 million USD, participated in many ten million level projects. The fund's ROI was over 1000% under her management. In the mean time, she has served as a consultant for many projects and given advice on project development.

Sally Xu


Sally Xu has been dedicated in crypto industry since 2013. After engaging in Bitcoin mining business during 2013 to 2017, she has turned to crypto investing till now. She also participated in the investment and acquisition of Guangzhou Xintian Hilton in 2012. With such a solid background in crypto investment and acquisition, her broad areas of expertise include investing, fundraising and project managing. She is mainly working on crypto investing and project incubating.

Xue Y


Investment Manager 4 years experience as bond manager in traditional finance market. 3 years researching experience in crypto.

Simon Cai


Joined the blockchain industry in 2018 and participated in the establishment of the top 100 public chain projects to the CR management autonomy, and also participated in and incubated several projects.The scale of managed fund up to 5000BTC, involved in investment scale of 200P arithmetic power BTC mining. His BTC staking and lending scale was up to 500BTC, which leads to an annual income up to 60 million USD.